18 Impressive Features To Include When Building Your New Home

In a previous blog, we provided our readers with a checklist for building a new house in Oregon. This article dives into 2022 impressive and trending features that we are seeing as we build new custom homes or remodel whole homes. We believe that this checklist includes unique house features that not only add value to homes, but more importantly enhance the quality of living. 

Living Room 

1.     High ceilings

A room with high ceilings not only gives the space a feeling of expansiveness, a study found that high ceilings can impart a sense of freedom and promote creative thinking. 

2.     Large skylights

Skylights can provide that extra needed natural light in a home, even during the overcast months, filling warmth into a room. We’ve been installing skylights that are much larger than the former standard skylight; usually around 6 square feet, and they look great.

3.     Indoor-outdoor living

If you need to navigate around your house to get to your backyard, chances are you will seldom go there. More homes are being designed with quick access to the outside with large window walls opening straight from a great room so that everyday living – or special entertainment – can easily happen indoors or outdoors.

interior of a modern new home in portland oregon
Architect: Scott Edwards Architecture | Photography: KuDa Photography | See More Photos Here

Other rooms

4.     Mudrooms with multifunctional features

Today’s mudrooms are more than a small side-entry room with a coat rack. With 38% of all American households owning a dog, it’s no wonder that having a place to hose your dog down after a walk on a rainy Oregon day is a great option. For the sports family, having a locker to keep equipment offers convenience. Some homes merge their mudroom with the laundry room or even the kitchen, making the space both beautiful and multipurpose.

australian shepherd in a bathtub in a home waiting to get a bath
mudroom in a portland oregon home
Architect: Christie Architecture LLC | Photography: KuDa Photography

5.     Home office

Even if you prefer going to an office for work, more companies are reducing their office square footage, creating shared office spaces and promoting telecommuting. With this new office culture, you may need a home office just to get your quiet work done.

home office in the basement
Architect: m.o.daby Design | Photography: KuDa Photography | See More Photos Here

The bedroom

6.     The master bedroom balcony 

Imagine your home is filled with guests and you just need a little break and relaxation. Instead of being limited to your bedroom for R&R, envision recharging in the privacy of your bedroom balcony.

balcony view from a bedroom
Architect: Scott Edwards Architecture | Photography: KuDa Photography


7.     Curbless walk-in showers  

Walk-in showers eliminate the need to step over a threshold and offer easy access for people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Because these shower floors are an extension to the bathroom floor, they are easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.

8.     Free-standing tubs

We have installed many free-standing tubs in 2022 and it’s no wonder. Recent life has thrown us many stressors, so who wouldn’t like to experience peaceful quiet in a spa-like setting, especially if it’s beside a beautiful picture window.

bathtub in a newly remodeled bathroom with backlit mirrors
Architect: Scott Edwards Architecture | Photography: KuDa Photography

Rooms for well-being and fitness

9.     Pools, spas, saunas 

More homeowners also seek to make their home into a personal oasis for relaxation and enjoyment by adding in luxury features such as a pool, spa, or sauna – and sometimes all three.

family room that opens into the backyard of a home
Architect: Paul McKean Architecture LLC | Photography: KuDa Photography

10.  Exercise room with a view

Many of us know that if your exercise room occupies a converted backspace of a garage, it’s just not a very inspiring place to be and may not even get used. Instead, imagine exercising in a room that inspires you offering the right ambiance, even perhaps looking out into the green outdoors! 

The garage

11.  The multi-car garage

If you are a car enthusiast, a multi-car garage is a top priority. Even if you are not an enthusiast exactly, one day you may regret not having the extra room to keep an extra car sparkling clean, protected from the elements. We’ve noticed more homeowners choosing a three car garage and sometimes much more.

car garage in portland with fancy luxury cars
Architect: Howells Architecture + Design | Photography: KuDa Photography | See More Photos Here

12.  The modern garage for modern EV cars

Gone are the days when no one knew an electric car owner. If you are building or upgrading any garage, we recommend asking your architect or electrician how to prep for an EV-ready garage.

The kitchen

13.  Kitchen design simplified

For countertops, we are seeing more solids in whites, grays and blacks. Kitchen cabinets tend to have less adornment and trim detailing, especially for modern home styles. An unadorned style can create a calmness, setting the focus on the occupants, while still giving the opportunity for easily adding interesting and bold accents. 

kitchen with white cabinets and oak flooring
Architect: Christie Architecture LLC | Photography: KuDa Photography

Features throughout the home

14.  Roof overhangs

A roof overhang protects the house from the elements while providing a great outdoor living space, especially during inclement weather.

backyard with roof overhang
Architect: Scott Edwards Architecture | Photography: KuDa Photography | See More Photos Here

15.  Panoramic glazing

All of our new homes have one thing in common, no matter the style of home; homeowners want bigger windows, especially when the outside view is appealing.

home with panoramic window glazing
Architect: Christie Architecture LLC | Photography: KuDa Photography

16.  Consistent built-in cabinets throughout

There’s nothing like built-in cabinets that provide architectural integrity and uniformity from one room to the next. Consistent-looking cabinets can add that extra panache to any luxury home.

home with asian elements
Architect: Howells Architecture + Design | Photography: KuDa Photography

17.  Fine cabinet details for the cabinet connoisseur 

Whether it’s a plug in the bathroom drawer for a hair blow-dryer, interior LED track lighting when you open a cabinet, or a floating bathroom vanity with lighting underneath, there are now many cool cabinet features to include in a new dream home. These small cabinet features can add up to providing a new level of a positive home experience.

18.  The requisite of smart home features 

Today’s luxury home construction includes smart features. It’s best to get involved in the smart home features that fit with your interests and lifestyle, whether it’s lighting, sound systems, or home security. It’s worth the investment! In another blog, we offer smart lighting ideas that we think are must-haves in a new home and can improve your sleep and general well-being.

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